About Duel Portal

Duel Portal is a program where you can create YuGiOh cards and duel with them.
If you don't have an account, please register one. Most features are disabled with a guest account.
The 'Submit' button will let you start making and submitting cards and images.
The 'Deck Editor' button lets you build visual decks with yours and others' cards.
The 'Lobby' button is where you chat or meet your opponent. Confirming a duel here will take you to the Duel Field.
The 'Mail' button lets you email other Duel Portal users.
Duel Portal was created by Seattleite to stimulate the growth of the Yugioh Custom Card Community. Credit for images goes to JBird. Background credit goes to ChrisCold. Sound credit goes to https://notificationsounds.com. "Gear" by José Campos from the Noun Project.


Q: Where are all the "real" cards?

A: Duel Portal is primarily a site for Custom Cards. But, many people have uploaded TCG cards (see below)
There are many useless TCG cards, so we don't have them all by default.
But feel free to upload one if not already there.
Just don't upload the image. (see Rules)

Q: How do I upload cards and images?

A: In the "Submit" tab is where you do all uploading.
You can:
* Upload a card with no image
* Upload a card and its image from YCM
* Upload a card, and the URL of its image
- Go to "Edit Existing Card" then you can add / delete the image.

After you press "Generate" and everything looks OK, click Upload.

Q: What does "Public Card", "Shared Card", etc. mean?

A: There are Private cards and Public cards.

Private Cards can only be edited by you.
Private Cards can be "Shared" or "Not Shared".
Other users can add your "Shared" cards to their deck if they search you by name. They still can't edit your cards.
"Not Shared" cards are hidden from other users.

Public Cards are accessible by anyone.
There are 4 types of public cards: "Traditional", "TCG", "Pending", "Tournament" (but the last 2 only matter during a tournament).
When you first upload a public card, it is "Traditional". It can't be used in tournament mode, also anyone can edit it (see below section).
You can specify a card as a TCG card. Only TCG, OCG and Anime cards can be in this category. Abusing this system will result in moderator action.

The following only apply during a tournament:

- Some people will be appointed to be Greenlight moderators. They can approve cards for the tournament.
- You can submit your public card for moderator approval. While pending approval, it has this icon: You can revoke your submission anytime.
- Moderators determine if the card is balanced for the tournament, and the rulings are well-defined.
- If your card has been approved, it has this icon: you can use it in tournament mode, also no one else can edit it (if you edit it, it will lose its tournament status).
- Once the tournament is over, all tournament cards become traditional.

Q: Wait, anyone can edit my Public cards?

A: That's right. But, users are required to edit others' cards only when necessary (such as spam cards)
If you think someone has been breaking this rule, you can check the Wikia to see the edit history. Contact a moderator if needed.

Q: How do I start a tournament?

A: Contact an admin (Seattleite) about your tournament, either by Duel Portal or on YCM.
Requirements for a tournament:
* You must have at least 4 committed players (more can decide to join later)
* You must designate 1 or more people to be "Greenlight Moderators" - people who will approve cards for the tournament.
* You must have a date that the tournament will end by (it should be reasonable).
It's recommended that you start a thread on YCM to get people interested in your tournament first.
Only 1 tournament can happen at a time. It's first-come, first-served. There may be a waiting list.

Q: How can i get a CCG into the game?

A: A CCG (Custom Card Game) is a set of cards shared between many different users.
If you have a club of people who all use the same cards, making a CCG is more convenient.
Contact an admin (Seattleite) if you want to have a CCG. You must have 3 or more users.
CCGs can only use their own cards.
By default, new members cannot change cards in a CCG. Contact the CCG's admin, whoever that is, to grant permission.

Q: How do I join someone's CCG?

A: Make an account, selecting their CCG in the register window.
Then, message the CCG admin, either here or on YCM.

Q: What does the Mail Tab do?

A: This tab allows you to email another user through Duel Portal. Neither user's Email Address will be displayed.
If you don't want other users to email you, change the profile option "Allow Messaging" to No.
Admins can still email you. We might need to incase of an announcement, upcoming tournament, etc.
Any user found abusing the Mail system (spam, harassment, changing email to one you don't own) will be banned.

Q: What does the "Rate User" function do?

A: After you duel with someone, you may rate their cards, whether they be underpowered or overpowered.
The impact of your ratings of other players is decreased when your rating is too high or too low.
Please remember this system is only for the creator's improvement. No one else can see your ratings.