More updates

March 10, 2019

  • In the Submit tab, you can multiselect cards and delete them.
  • You can convert cards that you downloaded from Yemachu's "Neo New Card Maker"

A few updates

June 10, 2018

  • Duel Field cards are larger. Increased the screen size of the game and re-arranged some other things to fit.
  • Editing an existing card does not open up a new window, so you can see your cards and edit them quicker.
  • Export and Import your decklists. Post them for your friends to see or your enemies to copy.
  • Sleeves for decks. Upload an image for each of your decks to be used when you duel.
  • "Draw 5" option added to the deck right-click menu, for starting a duel quicker.
  • Option to disable card images for those with slow connections

A few updates

May 6, 2018

  • Solitaire Mode is available. You can test decks without an opponent. Access it in the Lobby.
  • Finding a card to edit will look in all cards you created, by default
  • Clicking the gear icon in the navigation bar lets you change the image quality.
  • You can now hover-view card images in more places.
  • The current phase button is red, making it easier to see on small monitors.
  • Normal Monsters now have "/Normal" in the type.
  • "Mill X..." lets you mill multiple cards from your deck for effects like "That Grass Looks Greener"

Link Monsters Support (Master Rule 4)

February 19, 2018

Kick off the new year with a Link duel!

Link monsters and the new duel field format supported (Extra Monster Zones). If you don't like links, don't worry, you can still duel with the old duel field.

Here are other things that have changed with this update:

  • You can now flip your deck upside-down (e.g. Convulsion of Nature)
  • You can return cards on the field to your deck face-up (e.g. Pharaoh's Treasure)
  • You can now "Scry" (an MTG term). Basically, see the top X cards on your deck and re-arrange them.
  • You can view all cards in the opponent's extra deck, even facedowns (just get their permission first)
  • Email system has been turned back on and should have less chance to go to spam (but you can't reply to email messages anymore)
  • Fixed moving a card in deck to bottom of deck bug
  • Ability to negate the effect of cards.

Did you know? You can also increase and decrease your LP by typing "/add" or "/sub" into the duel chat box.
e.g. /add 500

New Site, New Program, New System

December 18, 2016

Much has changed since Duel Portal was a Silverlight application.

There are too many changes for one page, but here are the big ones:

  • A Wikia is automatically in sync with all the cards on the database (See Links).
  • Moderators.
  • More organization for tournaments.
  • Better disconnection handling.
  • Better support for email.