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"Flurryfeather" is an archetype of WATER Winged Beast-Type monsters created and used by EpicBoss99.


Traveling north from the mountainous region, where the Songbirds call home, you will come across a vast area of forest. However, unlike many forests in the world, a mystical aura covers the surrounding area, forever trapping it in a beautiful but solemn winter. Within the treetops, you will find the home of the Flurryfeathers. Despite their cold and often harsh surroundings, the Flurryfeathers learned how to be content and happy with their lives, living each day in peace and prosperity. The warmth beaming from the personality of these birds, and the fact that they have never been discovered like their Songbird relatives, make them popular within the stories of humans. Unlike their Songbird counterpart, the Flurryfeathers are tougher birds that have grown accustomed to change. These birds create massive, intertwining nests that connect each species of bird, reflecting their selfless personality and intellect. Although they still are kind and gentle creatures, they are willing to defend themselves against any foe that threatens their land or threatens peace. They do so by flying directly into large snowstorms, making them invisible to attackers. This technique is only known by the Flurryfeather birds and is nearly impossible to perfect.



The archetype name is a combination of the words "flurry" and "feather". The first part of the name, "Flurry", represents the winter theme of the archetype, while "feather" reflects how every monster in the archetype is a bird.


All "Flurryfeather" monsters are based off of various species of real life and mythological birds found during the winter.

"Flurryfeather" Monster Respective Bird Species
Flurryfeather Chaser Red-tailed Hawk
Flurryfeather Escapist Black-capped Chickadee
Flurryfeather Guardian Snowy Owl
Flurryfeather Passerine Eurasian Blue Tit
Flurryfeather Sovereign Northern Cardinal
Flurryfeather Wanderer Blue Jay
Flurryfeather Cryophoenix Anivia the Cryophoenix[1]

Playing Style

The "Flurryfeather" archetype focuses mainly on low-ATK monsters with stun and Anti-Swarm tactics. Much like the real-life PSY-Frame[2] archetype, Each Main Deck "Flurryfeather" monster is a hand trap that disrupts the opponent's plays and prevents them from creating an overpowered board that the archetype couldn't handle. Each "Flurryfeather" monster also has an effect similar to Wind-Up Rabbit[3] that allows them to dodge many removal effects and return to the field during the End Phase, triggering additional effects. The archetype is also supported by archetype-exclusive Link and Xyz monsters that act as supportive monsters that recover resources and attack directly.


• This deck is extremely dependent on having Flurryfeather Treetops (93121) active as a floodgate, so Spell/Trap removal severely impacts the success of this deck.

• All "Flurryfeather" monsters have less than 1500 ATK, so Special Summoning 1 powerful boss monster rather than swarming can cause massive damage to a "Flurryfeather" player's LP.

• Preventing the "Flurryfeather" monsters from attacking directly shuts down the deck.

Flurryfeather Chaser (93117)Flurryfeather Escapist (93118)Flurryfeather Guardian (93119)Flurryfeather Passerine (93120)Flurryfeather Treetops (93121)Flurryfeather Northern Lights (93122)Flurryfeather Wanderer (93126)Flurryfeather Sovereign (93204)Heavy Blizzard (93184)Flurryfeather Cryophoenix (94119)