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Please read the Site Rules before you go further.

The ones listed on the site proper are slightly antiquated, whereas the ones linked here will be how they will be interpreted (least under Sakura's watch); also has a warning system and possible penalties that will be incurred if you break any rules.

It will be assumed that you have actually looked at the rules and understand what will be expected of you.


You may have noticed that card pages are protected. This is because the cards on this wiki keep track of changes on Duel Portal. When you edit a card, it will automatically be changed here. If you upload an image to a card, it will automatically be uploaded here.

Please do not manually upload cards here. Upload them on Duel Portal or use other places, such as the Yugioh Customs Wikia, Imgur or whatever you choose.

But other than cards, you can:

  • Post deck lists
  • Describe your archetype here
  • Post articles about things in Duel Portal
  • And so forth...

Adding a redirect

Does your card have a broken link to your card or archetype? Here's how to redirect it to the correct page:
1. Be logged in with your wiki account (or register)
2. Click on the broken link
3. Put this in the box:
#redirect [[Put the title of your page here]]
4. Save