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"Songbird" is an archetype of WIND monsters created and used by EpicBoss99.


If you travel deep within the vast mountainous regions, where humans haven't dared to venture, you may find the Songbirds as their tunes fill the air. These rare birds dwell within the treetops found on the most desolate places of the world, untouched by humankind. They generally do not like to participate in any conflict, and they are firm believers of peace and pacifism. They spread their wings to bring joy to those who watch them soar through the skies.

Each bird that belongs to the Songbirds has their own role. With their vast numbers, the Tokens survey the human world, relaying messages back to the Songbirds of potential conflict. The Savant acts as the tactician for the Songbirds, always making strategic decisions for the good of the group. The Pacifist's optimism naturally makes him a moral leader, always spreading optimism between the birds. The Kingfisher's role is to maintain food supply and come to the defense of the Songbirds in case of attack. Because of this intricate system between these surprisingly intelligent birds, the Songbirds have thrived for hundreds of years.

One of the first Songbirds to become famous among humans is the Troubadour. This Bluebird has the most elegant voice and is a natural entertainer, making it the representation of all Songbird kind.

Their prosperity has come under attack in recent years, with the advent of machines and the rising aggression between humans. Maintaining peace between all lifeforms may soon become impossible, and so the Songbirds look towards the stars for an answer. Their prayers have been answered with the dawn of the Starcatcher. The mere presence of this mystical bird calms down even the most aggressive beings and instigates the idea of peace to all.

One day, while the Songbirds were exploring the outer regions of their home, they stumbled upon a severely wounded Blackbird. They quickly brought it back to their home and nurtured it back to full health. The thankful Blackbird decided to join the Songbirds to repay them for their actions.



The archetype name is a combination of the words "song" and "bird", and also refers to the Suborder of birds with the same name[1].


All "Songbird" monsters (with the exception of "Songbird House (92419)") are based off of various species of birds, not limited to the Songbird Suborder.

"Songbird" Monster Respective Bird Species
Songbird Token Northern Cardinal
Songbird Token (Tuner) Blue Jay
Songbird Kingfisher Azure Kingfisher
Songbird Savant Spotted Owl
Songbird Troubadour Western Bluebird
Songbird Survivor Red-winged Blackbird
Songbird Pacifist Blackburnian Warbler
Songbird Starcatcher Phoenix

Playing Style

The "Songbird" archetype is a Token Beatdown deck with various burn and control effects through the versatile Synchro Monsters. The archetype relies heavily on the summoning of tokens through "Songbird" Spell Cards. This archetype utilizes many staple cards in Token Beatdown decks very well, such as Creature Swap[2] and United We Stand[[3]], and the archetype can also go into their Synchro Monsters by either summoning tokens that are treated as tuners (Songbird Synchronization (87876)) or simply tributing a certain number of monsters (Songbird Evolution (87868)).


• As this archetype relies heavily on the Special Summoning of tokens, cards that prevent multiple Special Summons per turn or prevent Special Summoning altogether significantly hurt the archetype.

• Since most of the tokens have very little defense, piercing damage can completely wipe out the deck.

• Spell/Trap removal also severely impacts the deck, as most "Songbird" Spell/Trap cards work best when used on the opponent's turn, or continuously through the effect of Songbird Nest (87875).

Songbird Token (87872)Songbird Token (Tuner) (87873)Songbird Feather Shower (87866)Songbird Gift (87867)Songbird Evolution (87868)Songbird Gathering (87874)Songbird Nest (87875)Songbird Synchronization (87876)Songbird "V" Formation (87878)Songbird Healing (87879)Songbird Hatchling Ensemble (87902)Spellcasted Feather Blade of Songbirds (92112)Songbird Emergency Formation (87869)Songbird Kingfisher (87870)Songbird Savant (87871)Songbird Troubadour (87877)Songbird Starcatcher (90800)Songbird Pacifist (91365)Songbird Survivor (92316)Songbird House (92419)